Standard Basic Regulator Tester TA279

Standard Basic Regulator Tester TA279

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This is the first generation regulator tester, launched some 20 years ago. This was then followed by the TA289 regulator and just recently the latest generation TA389 Multifunction Regulator. Even though this tester is the oldest of our Regulator Testers - it still works magnificently well and is still manufactured with the highest standard of quality, for those not looking to spend more on the latest Multifunctional Regulator Tester.

This tester automatically tests 12v and 24v regulators for pass or fail and accurately Displays the regulating voltage. It tests in a Dynamic mode I.e. the regulator is constantly switching on and off when under test. Useful for voltage regulator manufacturers, Auto-Electricians and warranty departments.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • There are no switches on the tester. Can it test all types of regulators?
    12 and 24v regulators are sensed automatically. This also applies to A circuit /B circuit regulators.
  • What about 6v and 32v regulators?
    The 279 can test 6-24v regulators. The TA279 MK11 can test any regulator from 6v to 32v.
  • What about Mechanical Regulators?
    No, maybe some solid state types.
  • What is active Lamp Function?
  • Under Fault Conditions: Loss of Stator/ Phase or battery sense lead or overvoltage drives the “warning” Lamp ON. This output also drives a relay to shed certain loads under demanding conditions. Fully tested by the TA279 Mk11
  • What about DP type regulators?
    Fully tested by TA279MK11, In general all functions, such as the bosch multifunction regulators can be tested.
  • What is DFM?
    Digital field monitor. It replicates the Field signal and informs the ECU of Alternator Loading. The TA279MK11 can test this o/p