Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment

Rislone Petrol Fuel System Treatment

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Improves the quality of petrol and the vehicles fuel system by adding high-tech detergents to increase the fuels cleaning ability, adding upper cylinder lubricants, reducing spark knock by means of included fuel octane booster. 

Octane rating is raised approximately 3 points, increasing the power of modern engines and especially turbo charged engines. Example: 95 octane is raised to 98 Octane. 

- Chemically removes water from the fuel system to enhance combustion. 
- 1 bottle treats up to 80 L of petrol. 
- Simply add to petrol tank and drive. 
- Compatible with all petrol engines. 
- Includes a spout for adding to newer capless fuel tank systems. 

- 500 ml

What's in the box
Dual-cavity (2-part) plastic bottle with screw cap