Frequently Asked Questions:
TA208 - Rectifier Tester
Why does one need a Rectifier Tester when this test can be done by an ordinary multimeter?
1.It’s faster, simpler and more accurate.
2.The TA208 uses a test current 100 times larger to test proper diode function as well as eliminate errors caused by dry joints. 
3. For example: A 9 diode rectifier requires 18 tests: 9 for forward conduction and 9 for reverse blocking. It’s easy to omit a diode test by mistake- an improper diagnosis can be costly. Only 6 wires to connect and only 5seconds give a 100% diagnosis when using the TA208.
4. It’s much faster in a production Line environment and warranty departments.
5. For rebuilders, it can quickly pinpoint the locations of faulty diodes.
Can the TA208 only test 9 diodes?
It can test 9 diodes or 6 or the trio separately or 11 diodes or 15 diode 17 diode rectifiers in delta or star wired stators.
Can I test the rectifier while still mounted to the stator? 
No the stator will s/c the test current.
What happens if I connect the Tester incorrectly?
Nothing! - No damage can occur to the rectifier and the tester is protected against shorts!