DHC521 Battery Tester

DHC521 Battery Tester

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DHC Stop / Start Battery Tester BT 521 with Printout.

This battery tester is also a system tester were the complete vehicles electrics are tested within a few minutes. Advantage of this battery tester is that the battery does not have to be completely charged to be tested. Only a small load is put across the terminals and the internal resistance is measured. A printer is included for a hard copy for your customer.

A starter and alternator tester is also included in this unit. So before just changing a battery the complete system can be checked. This Stop Start tester uses a special program to test EFB and AGM batteries.

This unit does 6 volt and 12 volt Flooded, VRLA, AGM and stop start Battery voltages.

Complete test report printout.

Detachable cable for easy maintenance

Multi protection for over voltage or reverse polarity, etc.