NEW GENERATION Ignition Coil, Module, Distributor and Sensor Tester TA409

NEW GENERATION Ignition Coil, Module, Distributor and Sensor Tester TA409

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This Tester has improved on our Flagship TA209 ignition module Tester. An internal module is now provided to make Coil testing significantly simpler!

It incorporates 4 in 1 tester: Coil Tester, ignition module Tester, Distributor tester and the NEW Sensor tester. The Module Tester facilitates fast and accurate testing of ALL ignition components in a motor vehicle. Both DIS (Distribute less ignition systems) and conventional distributor type ignition systems can be diagnosed.


Dedicated test signals for Hall type and Magnetic Type Modules are provided. An internal Coil exactly simulates a real life coil for proper module testing. The coil current during both Coil and module Tests are displayed.

 Both Hall and magnetic type Distributors can be tested. Distributer pickups like Crank Angle Sensors and CAM sensors are also covered by New Sensor Test function.


All types of coils are supported: Conventional oil cooled, Pencil, Single, Multiple, Packs, Wasted spark and Coils with internal amplifiers and Coils without any electronics.








Power Supply                          220-240VAC (TA-409) Standard and Optional 12v car battery (TA-409-12)

RPM Range:                              300RPM (Cranking) to 6000RPM

Power consumption             50watts

Fuse rating                                6.3A, 2A: 5x20mm

Dimensions                               110H x 80W x 190L

Weight                                       3kg

Accessories                               MODULE, DIST(Sensor) & COIL Test

Harnesses, Sensor, Heat sink

and Test Booklet (120Modules, 35 Coils, 45 pickups (Crank angle Sensors)



Built In Ignition Module for easy Coil Testing

Enhanced pulse Drive with ECU level Pulses.

Enhanced Sensor Testing Capabilities

Several Protection Features: Relay, Current Limiting, Over Temperature.

Warning Lights: Low battery and Over Temp.

Bicolour RPM light to easily identify a faulty module

Hall supply voltage for Hall modules.

Hall supply LED for testing Hall Modules.

Tacho LED function

DIST LED test light function

Robust design and metal case

Tests single or multiple coil driver modules.