NEW! Multifunction Regulator Tester
NEW! Multifunction Regulator Tester

NEW! Multifunction Regulator Tester

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The New Generation Much anticipated Multifunction Regulator Tester is finally here! 

The TA389 Regulator Tester allows the technician to quickly and accurately tests Smart Multifunction Voltage Regulators found in modern 12v and 24v automotive alternators.


It automatically tests regulators for pass or fail and accurately displays the regulating voltage.

The TA389 also simulates ECU signals to the regulator (RC/COM/sig) and monitors signals from regulator to ECU (DFM/FR/LI). A separate Adapter Box Can be used for testing Lin*/Bss type regulators.


Smart or Multifunction Regulator Types such as Bosch FOOM… series, Mitsubishi DP types, Nippondenso IVR, Ford RVC, GM RVC types  and also the old generation regulators are easily tested. Smart Regulator functions such as: DFM/FR/LI, RC/RVC, PCM, DP, COM/sig, AC Stator output, Load Start Response, Load run response, Active lamp / Choke/relay drive functions are also are quickly verified.


It is useful for Voltage Regulator manufacturers, Shop Counters, Remanufacturers, Auto electricians and warranty departments.